Cascais welcomes Summit on Sports Policy in partnership with the International Center for Sports Security

Cascais welcomes Summit on Sports Policy in partnership with the International Center for Sports Security

The Municipality of Cascais this Wednesday 21st announced a partnership with the International Centre for Sport Security (ICSS) that will allow the coastline village to host future editions of the ICSS Summit on Sports Policies from 2016 and beyond.

The agreement between the two entities was signed during the Ambassadors Conference this Wednesday 21st, one of the events taking place at the Estoril Conferences EC2015.

It allows Cascais to become a magnet center for research on international sports events, a local ambition in a town with a strong tradition in the organization of global sports events, from tennis to sailing championships.

“We are very pleased in welcoming the ICSS in Cascais and by the fact that it will be the place where future editions of the ICSS sports summits will happen and because we can help boosting integrity in sports in places such as Africa and Latin America thanks to a delegation that will settle in our town”, Cascais City Mayor Carlos Carreiras said.

“Sports activities are part of our local traditions and have always been enjoyed by Cascais residents and visitors in their daily lives. This is why we take so much pride in welcoming this high level international sports event”, he added.

Mohammed Hanzab, president of the ICSS said “Portugal has shown through its battle for integrity in sports that it is determined in protecting sports related events.” Hanzab used the Cascais Municipality as “an example of the defense of sport related values with its role in the social integration and the economic development of local communities”.

Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros, CEO of ICSS Europa

, on his side, said he is sure Cascais will benefit from this initiative. “This summit will pave the way for local development at the same time it will have a global impact. We are talking about a high level think tank who will provide us with an agenda setting, critical for the implementation of local and global policies.”

The ICSS Summit on Sports Policy mission is to gather leaders of governments and sports organizations from different linguistic communities and international experts on good governance in sports to find solutions to permanent problems on matters related to public policies, such has tampering with sports results, financial integrity and protecting youth in sports related events.

About the ICSS

The ICSS gathers governments, members of the sports industry and international organisms to work towards the protection and integrity of sports related activities.

The ICSS is globally renowned as a leader research institution on issues related to sports governance, safety and integrity. It is an independent and non-profit organization that approaches critical issues such as corruption, financial integrity, the protection of minors and safety.

The ICSS team is made up international experts that work in criminal and law enforcement research, international politics, sports, governance and anticorruption, using their experience in international institutions such has the UN, UNICEF, INTERPOL, the EU, FIFA or UEFA, as well as in local enforcement authorities.

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