Rock Climbing in Cascais

Come discover the other side of Cascais, the one that takes you through the legendary Sintra Mountains. Cascais is a nice touristic area around Lisbon. If you came to climb here you can choose an hotel in Lisbon or in Cascais. For climbers it is recommend Cascais, because it is more close to the cliff and at night, you can enjoy the Casino , Bars and Restaurants.


The most famous natural landmark of Cascais is a cave with a truly frightening name - The Gates of Hell. This beautiful piece of nature will be particularly liked by fans of ecotourism, who will surely enjoy a huge rocky cliff. The largest observation platform in the city is located near the Queen Beach (Praia da Rainha). This is the place, from which you can enjoy wonderful panoramic views of the city and its surroundings. Climbing the observation deck is a popular pastime among tourists.

Cascais Routes - Outdoor Activities

Cascais Routes - Outdoor Activities

We were born among the waves and grew up in the mountains. This is our home and our passion. We can turn your vacation at Cascais and Sintra into a journey of discovery and adventure. All our outdoor activities are carried out by our team of professional local guides and in a safe environment. Enough with touristy bays and mudane walks on the beach, Come discover with us the other side of the Cascais village that connects with the legendary mountains of Sintra. We’ll walk you through the routes and passages we know like the back of our hands. These are unique paths, some only known by us, where every outdoor experience is tailored to you, be it over water or mountain.

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